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BGE之外的另一个选择 Gamekit(MIT协议是亮点)

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A cross-platform 3D game engine using Ogre or Irrlicht and Bullet for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iPhone

gamekit 使用blender作为游戏、关卡编辑器,能够读取blender的游戏逻辑模块与其他数据(模型贴图等等),当然,大部分程序猿还是喜欢写代码。

The goal of gamekit is to create a basic game engine that allows fast prototyping build around open source software free for commercial use.
  • Using Ogre or Irrlicht for graphics, Bullet for physics, OpenAL for sound
  • OgreKit is most actively developed and in svn/trunk, the suspended Irrlicht version is in svn/branches/IrrKit.
  • Engine is written in C++ and the game logic can be done in C++, Lua scripting or logic bricks  [and cpython ]
  • Reads all data from Blender .blend files, with future FBX import planned
  • Free from viral licenses: only using components using MIT/BSD/Zlib style licenses
  • CMake cross-platform build system support that works out-of-the-box, see
  • Gamekit supports Windows and Mac OSX, Linux, Android and iPhone.
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