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In this two part tutorial, you will learn how to create a basic facial animation setup for a character in Blender. The first part covers the introduction of Shape Keys and how to create basic expressions commonly used for animation. In the second part, we'll look at how to add drivers using bones and controllers.
在这两部分,你将学习到如何在Blender中创建一个基本的面部动画系统。第一部分包括了介绍 Shape Keys和如何创建常用的动画基本表情。在第二部分,我们将看看如何添加使用骨骼驱动和控制。
Additional Files:  文件下载

  Download the Project Files for Part 1.

Introduction                  介绍
Basic Expressions         基本表情

There are six expressions for six basic emotions - anger, happy, surprise, sad, fear and disgust. To draw or illustrate these emotions, we use the eyebrows, eyelids, and mouth. Just by changing these lines we will get very different expressions. We must also understand how these parts move and their limitations. Many other emotions such as bored, shock, devious, confused, contempt, etc. can also be achieved through various permutation and combinations of the eyebrow line, lips, and eyes.

Shape Keys 关键造型
Shape keys are used where we need to animate the shape of an object by animating the vertices of the mesh, which are difficult to deform with bones. These are also know as morph targets or blend shapes.

Preparing the Mesh  准备好网格
Step 1

Make sure to apply the Mirror modifier before creating shape keys.

While editing the mesh, we must also take care that the eyeballs are not edited, if it's not a requirement. So it's good to make them a separate object. Select any vertex of the eye by Right Clicking and then press Control-L to select the connecting mesh (the eye sphere). Now press P to make them a separate object.

Step 2

Some shape keys apply to the whole face. But for some keys, we need to make individual shape keys for the left and right, e.g. one shape key for the raised left eyebrow and another for the raised right eyebrow. Now instead of creating one at time, we can create a shape key together and later split it into two different keys, one for the left and one for the right. This can be done by creating vertex groups and later we can assign a shape key to affect only a particular vertex group, say left or right.
In Edit mode, press B to enable drag select and select all the left side vertices. In the Mesh Data properties, under the Vertex Groups panel, press the + (plus) sign to add a Group.
在编辑模式,按下B键选择所有的左边的顶点。在网格数据(Mesh Data )属性下顶点组(Vertex Groups)面板的,点击加号标记添加一个组。

Name the vertex group Left and click Assign. Make sure the Weight value is set to 1.00
命名顶点组为 Left并点击指定(Assign)。确保权重(Weight)数值为1.00.

Step 3

Similarly, select all the right side vertices and create a new Group.

Name it Right and with the Weight set to 1.00, press Assign to assign the selected vertices to the group.

Step 4

Press A to deselect all vertices. Now only select the middle row of vertices. Alt-Right Click to select a row, or Shift-Right Click to manually select multiple vertices.

Select Left in the Vertex Group panel and reduce the Weight value to 0.5, and then press Assign.
选择顶点组面板的左( Left)顶点组并减少权重为0.5 ,然后点击指定(Assign)。

Similarly, assign the middle row to the Right vertex group with a 0.500 Weight value. Click on Right in the Vertex Group panel, reduce the weight to 0.500 and then click Assign. By doing this, we have assigned the middle row to both the Left and Right groups.

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Creating Shape Keys  创建关键造型
Step 1

Press TAB to exit Edit mode. With the Head object selected, Press the + (plus) button to add a Shape Key. This first shape key is automatically named Basis, and is the default shape of the object. Whatever you do, try not to edit the shape of this key. Shape keys can only be created in Object mode, but we can of course edit the shape of any key by entering into Edit mode.
按TAB键,退出编辑模式。选定头物体,按+ (加号)按钮添加一个关键造型。第一个关键造型自动命名为Basis(基础),并且是该物体的默认造型。不管你做什么,尽量不要修改该关键造型。关键造型只能够在物体模式中创建,但我们当然可以通过进入编辑模式编辑任意的关键造型。

Step 2

We will create a separate shape key for each individual shape, or change to the geometry. That means one shape key for the left eyebrow raised, another for the right lip smile and so on. Add another Shape Key with the + (plus) button. We will start with the upper part of the face, so name this eye-brow-angry or EB-Angry for short (or anything else you like.)

Step 3

Now we will edit this shape. Press TAB to enter into Edit mode. In the Tools shelf (press T to bring it up, if it's not there.) Check the X-Mirror option under Mesh Options. This will help us to edit the mesh using symmetry.
现在我们将编辑这个造型。按TAB键进入编辑模式。在工具架(如果没有出现按T键呼出工具架)。点击Mesh (网格)选项下的X-Mirror选项。这将会以对称方式编辑网格。

Step 4

Select the corner vertices of the eyebrow. Press O to enable soft selection, and use the arrow widget to pull the vertices down. Increase or decrease the effected area of the soft selection with the mouse wheel. Make sure that the eye lids are not affected too much.

Step 5

Press TAB to exit Edit mode. You will notice that the object didn't change shape, but when you switch back into Edit mode, with the shape EB-Angry selected, the geometry changes to reflect how we edited it.
按TAB键,退出编辑模式。你会发现,对象并没有改变形状,但是当你切换到编辑模式,随着你选择EB-Angry 的造型选择,几何形状会改变为我们修改它的造型。

To see the affect in Object mode, change the Value slider amount up or down.

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Step 6

Now we will split the shape for the left and right side. With the EB-Angry shape selected, turn the Value slider all the way up to 1.00. Click on the bottom Arrow button in the Shape Keys panel and select New Shape From Mix. This will create a copy of the current shape.
现在,我们将分割的造型的左,右侧。随着EB-Angry的造型选择,把值滑块升至1.00 。点击在Shape Keys面板底部的箭头按钮,然后选择 New Shape From Mix(新形状从MIX) 。这将创建一个当前造型的副本。

Step 7

Select the EB-angry shape and rename it EB-angry.L (adding L for Left). In the Vertex group, select Left. This will make the shape key deform only the left vertex group. Drag the Value slider to check.
选择EB-angry 形状和将其重命名EB - angry.L (加L代表左) 。在顶点组中,选择Left。这将使关键造型变形仅仅作用在左顶点组。拖动滑块值来测试它。

Step 8

Now select the newly created Shape Key. Rename it to EB-angry.r (R for right), and in the Vertex group select Right. This shape key will only deform the right vertex group. Drag the Value slider again to test it.
现在选择新创建的关键造型。重命名为EB - angry.r (R表示是右边)和顶点组中选择Right(右)。这种关键造型仅仅只会影响右边顶点组变形。再次拖动滑块值来测试它。

Step 9

We will now create a new shape key. Make sure all the keys are to 0.00, and then click on the + (plus) button to add a new empty shape key with the default shape. Name it EB-sad.

Step 10

Press TAB to enter into Edit mode. Select the middle part of the eyebrows and raise them. Press TAB again to exit Edit mode.

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