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    Docs » 编辑器 » Outliner




The Outliner window.

The Outliner is a list that organizes data in your scene. In the outliner, you can:

  • View the data in the scene.
  • Select and deselect objects in the scene.
  • Hide or show an object in the scene.
  • Enable or disable selection (to make an object “unselectable” in the 3D View).
  • Enable or disable the rendering of an object.
  • Delete objects from the scene.
  • Unlink data (equivalent to pressing the X button next to the name of a datablock).
  • Easily select which render layer to render.
  • Easily select which render pass to render (for example, you can choose to render just theSpecular pass).

    Docs » 编辑器 » Outliner
Using the Outliner

Each row in the Outliner shows a datablock. You can click the plus-sign to the left of a name to

expand the current datablock and see what other datablocks it contains.

You can select datablocks in the Outliner, but this won’t necessarily select the datablock in the

scene. To select the datablock in the scene, you have to activate it.



   Docs » 编辑器 » Outliner
    Selecting and Activating

Single selection doesn’t require any pre-selection: just work directly with LMB (and/or RMB -

contextual menu, see below) inside the name/icon area.

When you select an object in the list this way, it is selected and becomes the active object in all other

3D Views. Use this feature to find objects in your 3D View, select them in the Outliner, then zoom to

them with View ‣ Show Active or NumpadPeriod.


Click LMB on the mesh data of the cube to activate Edit mode.



    Docs » 编辑器 » Outliner
        Activating a datablock
Activate the datablock with LMB on the icon of the datablock. Activating the datablock will automatically switch to the relevant mode. For example, activating the mesh data of the cube will select the cube and enter Edit mode while activating the object data of the cube will select the cube and enter Object mode (see right). Manual-2-56-PartIII-Outliner-Window-Column-Icons03.jpg
Toggling pre-selection of a datablock.


    Docs » 编辑器 » Outliner

Toggle pre-selection of a group of datablocks

Useful when you want to select/deselect a whole bunch of datablocks. For this you must prepare

the selection using, to your liking:

  • RMB or LMB,
  • Shift-RMB or Shift-LMB,
  • RMB and drag or LMB and drag,

all outside the name/icon area. Those pre-selected have their line in a lighter color. You then can

(de)select them with a RMB on the name/icon area, which brings on a context menu (see


Context menu for the Cube object.




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