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the Blender Foundation is not doing anything else but facilitation of a public open source project on Nobody really works for "the Foundation" (aside of development fund grants). "The Blender Foundation" has no offices either (nor pays for it). I personally volunteer for Foundation.
All of the work on Blender, including this Nvidia topic, happens by the community - by "those who want to be involved", and that is here on Blender is being made by projects. The responsibility of a release is here on, shared by all of us who want to be involved.
Blender Institute is the company spin-off of Foundation, and that is where we do bigger projects (like open movies) and where we hire developers on long term development work (cycles etc). Blender Institute is part of the community too.
Institute has a small test lab, but I expect that most (99%) of testing and validation of hardware happens by the community.
That is how open source projects work. You are part of it. It's us, not "you guys".
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