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Thanks for sharing, I just addressed the Blender haters out there, not users of other 3d tools.

It is great that there are so many people involved with our projects who used (or still use) commercial 3d software as well. We can learn from them, especially because they were curious enough to invest time to figure out how to use Blender, or what makes Blender good (enough to use) as well.

So please feel welcome to hangout, help developers with their work or contribute code.

I often get mails from professionals who say "nice job on Blender, but..." and then come with a list of favourite Maya or Max features. This might be an acceptable consumer attitude towards commercial software, but it's very not helpful for a public open source project. Dynamics here work differently, it's not based on market shares or consumer satisfaction, it's based one time and energy - contributions.

It's also a misconception to think we didn't code awesome feature X or Y because we didn't know it existed, or didn't know it was so important. There's just not enough developers to contribute.

So: how do we get studios or professionals organise Blender projects to handle their favourite topics? I always tell them they're welcome, with limited success. I learned that getting involved with FLOSS is not in their DNA really. First of all it takes (a lot of) time, which is expensive for pros. Second we cannot give a hard guarantee in advance that things will work as planned or get accepted in releases. And third: corporate practices is still based on secrecy and non-disclosure, participating in a public project is regarded as a loss of competitive advantage. That is changing (ILM, Pixar, etc), but hardly in small/medium sized companies.

Because it could be so easy. If just 20 Maya/Max subscribers would decide to invest in Blender what they'd give to Autodesk, they could hire a developer to work for them full time - to fix mouse/keyboard input mapping and configurability for example, snapping tools, and other very useful projects.

My expectation was that we could use the dynamics of the 2.8 project to include that target. But I'm still not convinced we are ready for it now. The project is too complicated, with too many inactive stakeholders and not enough active contributors. But we make progress here...
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完全看不明白 哈哈哈 。。。英文鸟语太蛋蛋~~
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